How’s Business? How do you answer? 1

I ask this question as often as I can. Generally I get three types of answers.

  1. “It could always be better” – This type of person is never satisfied with what he or she has. They are always striving for more. But they are avoiding the question, the actual question of how is your business doing today? Based on the response and body language associated with this answer, I think they are telling me that  business is not that great
  2. “It’s a little quiet right now” – This is followed by a because… because of the weather, because people are thinking about the Super Bowl, because of the Greek debt Crisis. This group is waiting for something to happen that will cause their business to grow again.  However  they got into the business and grew it to its current state, they are now resigned to waiting for improvement.
  3. “It’s damn fine, thanks for asking” – Now this person (and I met one at the Toms River Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours Event last night)  has a plan. They are succeeding because they know where their business is going. They know their target market. They know what their current customers need. They know how to ask for referrals. They know the importance of giving great customer service. They are aware of the big picture, the State of the US economy, etc., but they focus instead on things they can control. Their response to the problems facing their customers makes the difference in the success of their business.

I urge you to think about how you answer the question “how’s business?” If you aren’t saying “damn fine, thanks for asking”, then it may be time to re-think your plan.