Corporate Responsibility: Companies That Give Back and Make More (Guest Post) 0

illustration of many color handsCorporations take social and environmental responsibility by giving back to their communities and practicing sustainable and ethical modes of business. Is your company interested in getting involved? One of the best ways to give birth to a successful foundation, non-profit partnership or philanthropic campaign is to find a corporate role model. Find a great company with a similar brand, culture and goals and see what works for them.

The type of business you’re in and the type of product you create will vary the type of charity you involve yourself with. See how some of the world’s most successful corporations are changing the world, and find what inspires you. Depending on the way your business is financially run, research what type of tax exemptions each charity type is applicable for and meet with different financial institutions to learn about your options. For example, the Plum card at American Expressgives you access to a recommendation engine that will help you find a non-profit addressing a concern that you care about.

Saving the Arts

The Hard Rock Cafe expanded its philanthropic help from music and the arts to humanitarian and environmental efforts; for over four decades it’s been looking for ways to help change the world. From its Local Ambassador Program that directly works in local communities on a daily basis to their Signature Series T-shirt line where artists create custom artwork on T’s and profits are donated to a good cause. Working with dozens of partners for their efforts.


For a decade, has been built on on social responsibility, selling books, donating books and funding literacy projects around the globe with the belief that education and books are basic human rights. For every book sold on the site, a book is donated. According to their website, they have converted more than 58 million books into over $10.4 million in funding for literacy and education (and) diverted more than 40,000 tons of books from landfills. This September, Sonic opted to make a difference in the amount of personal money teachers put into their classroom with the Limeades for Learning program. Participants voted on selected classroom projects and at the end of the campaign half a million dollars was awarded to 1,457 teachers around the nation.


The vegan elf-like hybrid slipper shoes, known as TOMS, set an example that many apparel companies followed. Starting in 2006, TOMS set out with the idea of making products with little environmental impact and large social impacts on communities. It uses animal-free products, down to the ink, and 80 percent recycled boxes, store-front sustainable day-to-day functions, and company employees and employers believe in fair and ethical business practices within their supply chain, according to the website.

Disaster Relief

In the wake of recent natural disasters, many companies stepped up to help. Tide’s Loads of Hope program brings mobile laundromats to devastated areas. One of their biggest breakthrough projects was the effort put forth post hurricane Katrina in 2005.


Many companies have helped raise money for breast cancer research, since 1996 Lee jeans has spread breast cancer awareness with Lee National Denim Day. Where participating businesses donate $5 per employee wearing jeans to work. Over the years over $80 million has been donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Beauty company L’Oreal Paris has donated over $18 million to Ovarian Cancer Research with its Color of Hope cosmetics collection,with the goal to improve survival rate and help find a cure.

Going Green

Producing environmentally conscious products in a sustainable way is becoming more standard than fashion. Burt’s Bees makes eco-living easy with its affordable lines of eco-friendly bath and beauty products sold at most retail stores like grocery stores and Target.

The Alcoa Foundation, established by the global provider of aluminum, is one of the largest corporate foundations in the nation. Working for over half of a century and grossing hundreds of millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations supporting the environment and education.

Thanks to Guest Blogger Alex Davis

QA specialist for a PR company by day and a freelance blogger by night, Alex loves having online discussions with business analysts and offering his company the quality it needs to grow.

This manager always said “whatever you need” 0

Good Management is Not, LLC I just received an urgent phone call. The voice at the other end of the line told me that one of my managers had suffered a massive heart attack and passed away overnight. I was stunned.

Having just spoken with him yesterday, I was trying to remember the last words we shared. I hope they were positive. They were probably work related.

We did have discussions about things other than work. He enjoyed talking with his fellow employees about their latest adventures. He was always genuinely  thankful to have the position. His family had been in the printing business, and when they sold it, he came to work with me.

His favorite saying, when asked to do something, was “whatever you need”.  I’m going to miss that.

After I post this, I think I will give each of my children a call and tell them that I love them.

What do confidence, Dr Seuss and the words “you never know” have to do with job seeking? 0

I have written much about the importance of having the confidence to be consistent in your job search or any other activity. This Thursday the point was driven home by one of my Twitter followers.

Here’s the conversation: Dr Suess and the cat in the hat

:@Goodmgmtisnot “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ― Dr. Seuss,9:30am, Feb 28 from HootSuite

@GoodMgmtIsNot Nothing like prose from Dr. Seuss 2 encourage even timid #JS 2 “go#confidently in the direction of their#dreams” Thoreau9:34am, Feb 28 from Web

@SageStrategis tEvelyn- Thanks for the creative addition to today’s quote9:47am, Feb 28 from HootSuite

@GoodMgmtIsNot  :) Don’t mention it Joel- many of your thoughts of the day give me pause. I like 2 reflect on the insightful words of others.

When I read “many of your thoughts of the day give me pause” the light bulb flashed over my head.

Having recently read a blog post from a person I respect about the “silliness” of daily inspirational posts, I had been tempted to stop my daily 9:30 am quote of the day.

I don’t include any links to my website, or special offers for reading them or any links to click. There is no direct financial gain by posting them. The point  is really to share something I find value in and have the confidence to continue in spite of what someone else may say or think.

Confidence is what creates positive stock valuations. Confidence and its twin sister trust, are what people expect from their Budweiser (that it’s not watered down). And over time people are confident that if they check their Twitter feeds @goodmgmtisnot @1stopjobsonline @joelquass  at 9:30 am est 7 days a week, they will see my latest quote.

From a “You Never Know” standpoint, I have written about my experience with a customer on the Jersey Shore and how the final chapter was written months later on a NJ Train going into New York City.

For a Job Seeker, you never know when you pick up the phone if this will be the job of a lifetime. You never know when you send a thank you card or make that follow-up phone call if this will be the action that ends in a job offer [4 reasons you must follow-up]. As a Job Seeker, you must have the confidence to keep doing the right things, even when the feedback is not there.

In the end, from an Interviewer’s  perspective, confidence and “your fit” in the company is what you need to establish during the interview process. You need to leave the Interviewer confident that what you have to offer and what the job calls for are the same, making them confident you the only logical candidate.

Thanks to Evelyn and her Tweet, I am more confident than ever that my daily quotes are enjoyed by many who read them. Thanks to the feedback from clients, I can say (paraphrasing Dr. Seuss) that “you never know” where you will go if you have the confidence to go confidently in the direction of your dreams.