About Joel

Joel Quass is a professional speaker and a featured guest on radio stations across the country. His latest book, Write This Down, You’ll Need It Later targets college and high school students new to the job market. Joel ‘s first book, Good Management Is Not Firefighting deals with management topics including leadership, hiring practices, stress, and customer service. He is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Certified Employment Interview Professional who has interviewed thousands of people in his 35 years in management.



The long version of how I got here:

I started  out a child just like everybody else. I did chores around the house, I mowed the lawn for my Mom and Dad and I enjoyed going to school (most of the time).

At age 8 I started delivering a weekly newspaper and when I was 10, began caddying at a local golf course. I made $4 for carrying someone’s clubs around the golf course, plus they would buy me a soda and a Snickers bar after the first nine holes. What a great job! 

Through high school I worked pumping gas and doing construction jobs. After high school I took a year off from school and managed a gas station and lived on the sailboat I purchased. The following spring I took the money I saved and sailed solo for 3 months up and down the inter-coastal waterway. In August I sold the boat and started college.

I worked my way through college as the Assistant Manager and Projectionist at Cinema City Theaters in Tabb, Va. and later held paid positions in Student Government at Christopher Newport College, now CNU. One of my professors, Dr. Webb, made it possible for me to teach beginning sailing as an adjunct professor while attending college. Another great job! Joel Quass wasa Professional Chimney Sweep

I have owned 5 businesses  including being a professional chimney sweep. My brother Brian and I owned Quassword Cards TM, The Crossword Puzzle Greeting Card. We sold over 10,000 greeting cards in hospital gift shops around the country and were featured in the Spilsbury Puzzle Companies 1995 Holiday Gift Catalogue. Joel Quass, Professional Speaker and Author, speaks on management and leadership topics. Joel was in Boston to exhibit Quassword Cards, the crossword puzzle greeting card.

My billing company in Lakewood, NJ. while not as successful, did generate some income, with only minimal expenses, over its short life. In Williamsburg, Virginia, I bought a vending business and built it from $90,000 in gross sales to over a quarter of a million dollars  when I sold the business two years later.

 I have had the good fortune to have also worked for several great companies including the now de-funct Best Products Co. Inc. The senior managers of that company, just as with my current employer, put a big emphasis on teaching.

My motto is “I love getting up in the morning, because I learn something new every day.” I hope you will find useful information in my work. If you do, please share it with others.


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    Mar 12, 2012 @ 03:09:55

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  2. Nicky Wells
    May 02, 2012 @ 15:56:00

    Fabulous blog, and fantastic advice. Glad we connected, thanks for following my blog back. XX


    • joelquass
      May 02, 2012 @ 18:25:16

      Wow, what an exciting blog you have. I’m a romantic at heart!
      I’ve had many mentors over the years and now it’s time to give back. My blog is just one part of that giving.


  3. Approach the Bench
    Dec 07, 2012 @ 09:59:05

    Hi Joel,
    Just discovered your blog and love the ideas and your philosopy. I am an aspiring business owener myself- and your blog has been inspirational. Thank you!