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Would you benefit from the knowledge of an employment training professional?


After preparing your resume, you will use it to get an interview. From sometimes hundreds of resumes, the hiring company will select the best 5 to 15 candidates for personal interviews. All candidates selected will have met the companies general criteria.

The deciding factor will be the interview.

Many of my clients began where you are now, wondering if there is any value in Interview Coaching.

They felt that all they needed was a strong resume to get in the door, and they could do the rest.

Here is the basic test:

In one or two brief sentences, tell me why I should consider hiring you,

why you feel you would be the best candidate for the job,

and how you see yourself contributing to the organization?

How did you do?

Did your answer match the  Six Second Message™  communicated on your resume?

Did it solve the employer’s problem, the reason he or she is hiring?

Can you back up your answers with  stories, accomplishments that show your value?

If you are not sure about the answers to these questions, you may want to consider coaching.

Do not feel guilty if you have trouble communicating your answers in an effective and compelling manner. In 101 Best resumes to sell Yourself, (McGraw-Hill 2002) author Jay Block found 93% (116 out of 124) of hiring authorities surveyed from around the country said “most people did an average job, at best, in interviews, and that most people were not as prepared as they should have been”.


Interview Skills Sessions*

Successful Interviewing begins with the end in mind. Using my Six Second method™, we will cover the three components that make a successful interview:

1.    Deciding what information to communicate

2.    Practicing how to communicate that information

3.    Developing a strategy that determines the manner in which you approach both

Together we will find your Six Second Message™, your “why should I hire you?” We will develop strategic preparation to help you land the job you deserve. This will give you the tools to answer any questions during the interview.

During your hour long session(s), we will:

·        Use my six second method™ to develop success stories as examples of how you have increased sales, decreased expenses and provided exceptional customer service. Together, we will create S.T.A.R.S which showcase how you; found a situation, what action you took and the result of your actions. These personal stories are great examples of your value, presented in a format the interviewer will remember.

·        We will practice answering questions, using the information we develop based on your personal strategy.

·        We will script answers to any possible stumbling blocks, such as gaps in employment, being fired or concerns about salary questions. Scripting allows you to control how this information is presented, keeping you in control of the interview.

·        You can choose to rehearse your answers in a mock interview. Questions will be provided in advance, developed from key words from job listings you are considering.

“The inescapable truth about getting a job is that the interview is all that matters. As for everything else – research, résumés, letters, and phone calls – it’s all used as back up for the crucial meeting” Jeffery Allen C.P.C. author of How to turn an Interview into a Job.

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Résumé Services using my Six Second Résumé™ method Joel Quass offers the six second resume(TM)




* The Ladders recently conducted the first
formal, quantitative study of recruiters’ on-the-job behavior. This groundbreaking research employed a scientific technique called “eye tracking”
a technologically advanced assessment of eye movement that records
and analyzes where and how long a person focuses when digesting
information or completing activities. The study gauged specific behaviors
of actual recruiters as they performed online tasks, including resume
and candidate profile reviews. Thirty professional recruiters took part
in the study during a 10-week period

The study found that recruiters spend only six seconds reviewing a résumé!


Read the full article from The Ladders




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