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James Malinchak featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show “Secret Millionaire” and Founder, says:

“Joel Quass focuses on how to package transferable skills in a way that shows value to a potential employer. He demonstrates the strategy needed to go from unemployed to ‘you’re hired.’”


HR Professionals and Educators are already talking about this book:

“Joel’s Book, Write This Down, You’ll Need It Later is a step by step checklist of actionable ideas with the end result of landing your dream job always in full view”

Andrea Nierenberg

President at Nierenberg Consulting Group - Executive  Search Advisor and Executive Coach

Author of Networking for College Students (and Recent


Write This Down, You’ll Need It Later contains some invaluable tips that every job seeker should read. I particularly love the emphasis on customer service and problem solving, because the truth is, every job has a customer and every company has problems.

Maureen Mack H.R. Principal, LLC


In “Write This Down, You’ll Need it Later”, Joel offers timely, relevant and proven strategies that will enable even those who are entering the workforce for the first time to be strategic in planning and achieving their career goals.”

Susan Starks

Human Resources Professional
Austin, Texas

“Who doesn’t want to get ahead, find out where they really belong? Write this Down, You’ll Need It Later is the answer. You find your Brand and the way to use it land jobs, succeed at interviews, even consider your dream jobs, once you figured out your brand, and Joel Quass makes it easy with real life stories, examples, even cartoons. He tells you how maintain your brand and continue to use it beyond getting the job. To get that promotion, to apply for that job no one feels qualified, to tell the types of stories that win you over to fit into the company this is the book you need.

As a college professor, I intend to share it with my students.”

Jack Shaw,

Author of The Cave Man Guide to Training and Development

Author of Harry’s Reality

Visiting Professor of Speech at DeVry University

The Free Management Library blog host for Training and Development


Released January 2011:

Available in soft cover and Kindle edition

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Fighting Fires? Stressed Out? Unorganized? Having trouble Leading? Learn to successfully manage using what you already know. Ideal for new managers, yet packed with timely reminders for experienced professionals.

“Joel Quass gives you the tools to discover your own personal assets. His ideas will pay you dividends for years to come”

Dan Greenshields - President of Sharebuilder Securities Corporation

Joe Connolly of the Wall Street Journal talks about “Good Management Is Not Firefighting”