Joel Talks To College Student Leaders – Five Ways Leaders Address Stress

Joel’s popular Keynote  You’re Hired  shares his insights gathered over thousands of interviews and provides proven techniques that inspire the audience to action. His Good Management is Not Non-Stop focuses on workplace stress,  and balancing productivity vs. personal time.

Joel relates personal, real world stories of overcoming challenges that keep people from getting the most out of their career and themselves. Joel focuses on challenges that limit people’s ability to view themselves in a positive light.


Joel knows what it takes to land a job right out of school and motivates students to positive action. With his Write This Down, You’ll Need It After College presentation on branding and jobs skills, Joel takes the audience on a journey from student to full time working professional. Joel’s presentation includes actionable interviewing techniques and what students get from summer jobs that they cannot get in the classroom.


Joel has lived Customer Service since his first paper route. In his Customer Service presentation You Never Know, Joel brings to life real world examples of what works, what doesn’t work, and what’s needed to create loyal and engaged customers. This presentation can be given as a Keynote Address, but works as an interactive workshop. This allows your specific challenges to be addressed and resolved.


Joel uses humor and plenty of real life stories to help your attendees recognize and unlock their full potential. Joel offers time-tested practical tips to overcome the blockades that hold back people from achieving their goals, whether the goal is better Customer Service, Less Stress and more Productivity or landing a job or promotion. Joel inspires people to action, helping them unlock what they already know. He shares personal stories and insights that inspire and encourage.


By encouraging interaction and feedback about your group before the presentation, Joel makes sure that the needs of your audience are met.


By the end of the presentation, attendees have unlocked the keys to success they carried around, hidden, sometimes for years and can apply these insights at once.




Joel’s Keynotes  include:


  • “You’re Hired”  – What I wish someone had told me about the interview process

  • “Good Leadership Is Not Firefighting” – Strategies for finding the root causes of operational challenges.

  • Good Management Is Not Non-Stop! - Five ways leaders address stress

  • Write This Down, You’ll Need It After College (High School) - How to document your personal brand and use it to land jobs

  • You Never Know - What I have learned about the Best Customer Service

Joel conducts Job Skills Workshops and can create a program for your audience. 


“You’re Hired”

What I wish someone had told me about getting a job

  • Welcome
  • What We Will Cover
  • What Makes A Successful Interviewee (that’s you)
  • What you must do the moment you see a job listing, even before you contact them
  • The single most important part of the job interview
  • The 4 must know statements used in every successful job interview
  • Why follow-up is so important and the best way to do it
  • Closing
  • Questions and Answers


Write This Down, You’ll Need It After College (High School)

How to document your personal brand and use it to land jobs 

  • Welcome
  • What we will cover
  • Why you should have a job
  • Three tips to prepare yourself for interviewing in a challenging labor market
  • Education alone isn’t enough. What you can do right now to prepare
  • How to discover your valuable assets, your personal brand
  • Your  résumé leads to the interview which leads to the  job
  • Value Messages and your résumé
  • Value messages and your interview
  • Four must know statements in every successful job interview
  • Asking what’s next at the end of the interview is only the beginning of the follow up process
  • Closing – What we covered
  • Questions and Answers


Learning Outcomes

ü  Students can name three things that will prepare them for success in the job market

ü  Students will identify their personal Value Message – their “why should I hire you?”

ü  Students can name the four must know statements for interview success

ü  Students will leave with a job seeking strategy including organizational tools and actionable ideas



Job Skills Workshops

Objectively help demonstrate your true value to an employer in a résumé  or an interview using such techniques as:

  • The Value Checklist and Worksheet – a structure for arriving at the real answer to the question “why should I hire you”. To write an effective résumé , it must be more than a chronology. You need to know how it ends to know where to begin.
  • Evaluating and Supporting your delivery style
  • Scripting – rehearsing tough questions such as how to handle gaps in employment, terminations and salary questions.
  • Video practice – What do  you look like when you speak? Politicians and actors rehearse in front of the camera, fine-tuning their body and facile movements to match their message. In the job market, 99.9% of all applicants have spent zero time practicing for their interview in front of a camera.
  • The strategy behind each step in the process

Joel CEIP, CPRW is a Certified Employment Interview Professional and Certified Professional Resume Writer. He has interviewed thousands of people in his 35 years in management. Joel uses his personal experience to share real world examples of success strategies when conducting job skill workshops.